Basics of the Humanitarian System

February 2022


CAS: Foundations of Humanitarian Action

The humanitarian system is highly complex and not easy for newcomers to understand. In this course you will receive an introduction to the most important basics of the humanitarian system. The central actors are introduced as well as coordination mechanisms, different forms of funding and basic standards and obligations of humanitarian aid.

Please note: Together with the course "'Basics of Humanitarian Action" this course forms the starter package in humanitarian aid. Participation in both courses is recommended. Both courses are part of the aha's certification scheme and thus are eligible for the Certificate of Advanced Studies in the area of "Foundations of Humanitarian Action". This training is scheduled for February 2022, more information will follow shortly.

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You will learn

who the major actors in humanitarian action are

how coordination and financing mechanisms work

what the most important trends and debates in the sector are

how to reflect critically upon the humanitarian system

Target group

Students, young professionals, participants of the course "Basics of Humanitarian Action"; no prior knowlede required

Registration is not yet activated. As soon as it is activated, you can register here.

01.2.2022 - 28.2.2022

Maximum of 25 attendees


ProviderThis Training is part of a joint programme by IFHV and VENRO and is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.
This training is organized by the Institute for International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict.