Public Procurement Law in Germany

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In this training course, you will learn the basics of public procurement law, which regulates the awarding of services or the procurement of goods for humanitarian projects. You will be able to recognize the requirements for procurements and implement the procurement law requirements in grant notifications and onward transfer agreements. Using practical examples, you and the other participants will work through the various steps of a procurement process. Special attention will be paid to the usual questions regarding procurement in humanitarian aid projects in Germany and abroad.

This training will take place on 04 and 06 May 2021 and will include regular breaks. The training will be held in German; for details on the schedule, kindly switch to the German language page on the right hand upper corner.

You will learn

which parts of procurement law are relevant in humanitarian projects

which award procedures and types of procedures exist

which typical stumbling blocks there are in the award procedure

how bids and proposals are reviewed and evaluated

Katja Gnittke


Katja Gnittke is a lawyer at WMRC Rechtsantwälte Wichert und Partner mbB. Her clients include public contracting authorities, grant recipients and grant providers.

04.5.2021 - 06.5.2021

Online Event

ProviderThis Training is part of a joint programme by IFHV and VENRO and is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.
This training is organized by the umbrella organization of development and humanitarian aid NGOs in Germany.