The International Donor Landscape in Humanitarian Action

September 2021


CAS: Foundations of Humanitarian Action

The international donor landscape has changed considerably in recent years and new actors have gained importance. Therefore, this training will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the international donor landscape in humanitarian action as well as the related trends and developments. You will get to know donors from different areas, for example from the cosmos of the United Nations or the institutions of the European Union. "Non-traditional" donors such as companies or foundations are also considered. You will also learn about the structural challenges that the humanitarian (funding) system as a whole faces.

The training is planned as a three-day online workshop in September 2021 and is eligible for the Certificate of Advanced Studies in "Foundations of Humanitarian Action". You will receive further information and registration details in due time via our newsletter.

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You will learn

how the international donor landscape in humanitarian action is structured and has changed in recent years

which scope, focus and framework the project funding by donors from different areas of the international humanitarian system have

what relevant sources and mechanisms you have at your disposal to inform yourself about details on the application process with different donors

what structural challenges the humanitarian (funding) system is facing

Target group

Students and graduates of relevant disciplines, newcomers and career changers, staff of humanitarian NGOs with previous experience in humanitarian action and/or project management

Registration is not yet activated. As soon as it is activated, you can register here.

01.9.2021 - 30.9.2021

Online Event

ProviderThis Training is part of a joint programme by IFHV and VENRO and is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.
This training is organized by the Institute for International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict.