Climate change adaptation: managing risk and anticipatory action of extreme events


October 2021


CAS: Anticipatory Humanitarian Action

Climate change has brought increasing number and change in climate and weather extremes that may cause disasters. Anticipating the climate change impacts and taking appropriate actions to manage the risk of extreme events has become necessary within humanitarian action.

This modul provides basic foundation and understanding of climate change adaptation, especially looking at managing of risk and anticipatory action towards climate-related extreme events. Several speakers from international organisations / research institutions will talk about the relevant key concepts and approaches in the thematic areas, which will be followed by discussions and group exercises on the topics and relevant case studies.

The course is planned for October 2021, more details will be provided.

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You will learn

Direct and indirect climate change impacts, particularly climate-related extreme events

Main concepts in climate change adaptation and managing risk of extreme events and key terminologies

Framework and methods for assessing vulnerability and risk, selecting adaptation options to climate change

Community-based climate change adaptation approach and tools

Anticipatory action within risk management of climate-related extreme events

Target group

Young and senior professionals in humanitarian action and other practitioners in relevant fields with prior knowledge of disaster management, but little knowledge of climate change adaptation and anticipatory action.

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01.10.2021 - 31.10.2021

Online Event

Maximum of 16 attendees

ProviderThis training is organized by Aktion Deutschland Hilft e.V.