Basic Security Training for Humanitarian Missions Abroad

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In this course, you will be prepared for potentially dangerous situations in foreign deployments. Using interactive case studies, you will learn to develop a feeling for dangerous situations and to use preventive measures. You will learn how to react to aggression and violence in a de-escalating way and how to protect yourself in the long term. The basic idea of ​​the training is de-escalation. Furthermore, processing options after stressful events and how to deal with stress in foreign assignments are discussed and reflected, both in terms of personal perception and with regard to the team members concerned.

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You will learn

how to carry out risk analyses

which preventive measures are available

how to deal with your own fears

how to develop an awareness of the signal effect of your own attitude and behaviour on others

how you can safely apply de-escalating strategies

which methods are available to you for processing stressful experiences

Target group

Employees of humanitarian aid organizations who work in the field


10:00 - 17:00

Stress: Handling, Effects, Stress Management

Methods of short-term and long-term stress management

Rainer „Ben“ Wischerath


Rainer „Ben“ Wischerath
  • Trainer for stress management and communication, MPIP Max Planck Institute Munich
  • NLP-Practitioner
  • Dealing with stress reactions / disorders
  • Coach, Supervisor and Mediator
  • Trainer with a focus on conception for preparation and follow-up courses for UN / EU
  • Advisor for security in foreign missions at the Foreign Office / ZiF
  • Conception and implementation of security and crisis management
  • "Dealing with threats and violence" & "Stress management" for various organizations


* To cover the fees you can upload an educational voucher of the state of NRW during the registration

12.10.2023 - 14.10.2023

21 hours of training

Catering included

Maximum of 16 attendees

14 of 10 required registration for this course. You will be informed after registration. Share this course with friends and colleagues to make sure it will be carried out.


ProviderThis training is organized by Aktion Deutschland Hilft e.V.