Allocation of Overhead Costs to Partner NGOs

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Providing overhead costs is an important step in enhancing a more locally-led humanitarian response. Recent studies show that local and national humanitarian organizations still do not receive an appropriate quantity of overheads from their international partners. In this seminar, we would like to give local/national NGOs a chance to formulate their expectations on the allocation of overheads as well as German NGOs to exchange about their practices of transferring overheads.

The seminar consists of two parts. The first session on 7 June is for local and national humanitarian NGOs and will take place online. The second session on 20 June is for German NGOs and will take place in Bochum. Participants should be familiar with localization in humanitarian action and the allocation of overheads to/by their organization.

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You will learn

What overhead costs are and why they are important in the context of localization

How overhead costs are discussed and handled in different organizations

What an ideal overheads model could look like

How to apply the seminar learnings in your work

Target group

Session 1 (7 June, online): staff of local/national humanitarian NGOs that are familiar with localization and the allocation of overheads to their organization by INGOs

Session 2 (20 June, Bochum): staff of German NGOs that are familiar with localization and the allocation of overheads to their local and national partner organizations


12:00 - 12:30

Introduction and Expectations

12:30 - 13:45

Group Work and Input on Overheads

What are overheads?

How do you receive overheads?

How do you discuss overheads with your INGO partners?

13:45 - 15:00

Guest Input incl. Q&A


15:00 - 15:50

I have a Dream

What could an ideal overheads model look like?

How to apply the seminar learnings into our work?

15:50 - 16:00

Reflection and Debriefing

Carolin Gomulia


07.6.2023 - 20.6.2023

8 hours of training


ProviderThis training is organized by the umbrella organization of development and humanitarian aid NGOs in Germany.
This Training is part of a joint programme by IFHV and VENRO and is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.